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house energy rating australia

Star Energy Rating

This assessment measures a buildings ability to maintain a comfortable internal living environment and the additional heating.

Factors that can effect a buildings thermal performance include:

  • Building envelope ? windows, roof, walls & floor
  • Location and climate
  • Orientation and design
  • Construction materials
  • House size

The end result is a thermal calculation with a star rating from 0 to 10 stars. A 10 star home should use little or no energy to maintain thermal comfort. Most states and territories in Australia have moved to a minimum 6 star standard.

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home energy efficiency

Deemed to Satisfy

This relatively quick assessment method does not have the same flexibility as an energy rating, however is great for assessing small additions and alterations.?This is a checklist of a buildings individual elements (building envelope) that must meet minimum requirements set out in the National Construction Code.?The DTS assessment can be used for new construction and in the event the works do not comply a star energy rating can be completed instead.

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commercial assessment


Section J (DTS) is an assessment on the proposed development for non residential (commercial) buildings.

The report shows the requirements for compliance against Volume 1 of the Construction Code.

Similar to a residential DTS, it checks that the building envelope and its services meet minimum standards.

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